• Slimfit Elite Paris Olympics

    Specialty kyorugi uniform designed to the new WT regulations. Lightweight material.

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  • KWON NZ AUSTRALIA  Fightlite WT Taekwondo Uniform Black Collar

    Fightlite - WT Approved

    Lightest kyorugi uniform on the market! Mesh ventilation panels to keep you cool.

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  • KWON NZ AUSTRALIA  Fightlite WT Taekwondo Uniform White Collar

    Fightlite White Collar - WT Approved

    Lightest kyorugi uniform on the market! Moisture wicking, performance uniform.

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By purchasing your Taekwondo uniforms and equipment through KWON NZ & AUS you can help us to continue our sponsorship and support for Taekwondo! Part of the proceeds from your purchase will go back to helping the growth and development of the sport. Thanks for your support!

TNZ Kukkiwon Cup

KWON NZ is proud to be a major sponsor of the 2024 Taekwondo New Zealand Kukkiwon Cup. This is NZ's premier TKD competition and is open to all clubs in NZ and overseas. KWON NZ will have a sales booth at the tournament with our full range of WT Approved uniforms and equipment. Come and see us on the day!

Click here for Tournament Information

TUNZ Open 2024

KWON NZ is proud to be sponsoring the 2024 TUNZ Open Taekwondo Championship. This is one of the largest Taekwondo competitions in NZ. The tournament is open to all Taekwondo clubs regardless of affiliation. It is being held in Wellington on Saturday 28th September.

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KWON NZ is proud to be an official sponsor of the 2024 'I LOVE TKD' tournaments being held in New Zealand.

'I LOVE TKD' is a series of tournaments across NZ specifically designed for people wanting to compete in their first tournament or those with limited tournament experience. It's about creating a fun and safe environment, promoting participation and increasing the confidence and skill level of competitors, coaches, referees, corner judges and spectators.

KWON designing Taekwondo uniforms and equipment that work for you

Optimise your performance

Using the latest technology, KWON Taekwondo uniforms are made from premium materials designed to withstand the rigours of the sport. Our competition range utilises ultra-lightweight moisture wicking materials to ensure optimal performance and comfort.

KWON for all Taekwondo athletes

Designed for all athletes

Whether you are new to the sport or a seasoned professional, KWON Taekwondo has options for all. Embody the Taekwondo spirit with KWON's range of premium Taekwondo uniforms and equipment.

NZ TKD National Team

KWON NZ is proud to fully sponsor the New Zealand National Taekwondo Team with the new WT SlimFit Elite Competition Uniform!

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