About Us


I took over KWON NZ in 2020 after I retired from my competitive Taekwondo career. During that time I found it very difficult to source quality, WT approved Taekwondo equipment in New Zealand. Everything had to be ordered from overseas, and often after waiting a very long time, the sizing and quality would not be what I expected. 

KWON NZ is based out of Christchurch, New Zealand and only stocks high quality, World Taekwondo (WT) approved Taekwondo uniforms and equipment. This means all of our uniforms and protective gear are able to be used at WT approved events and have been tested and endorsed by WT as meeting their quality and safety standards. 

KWON NZ was also started in order to help support, sponsor and promote Taekwondo in New Zealand. During my 10 years competing internationally for New Zealand it was very difficult to obtain any kind of sponsorship or support. To date I have been involved with sponsoring local regional tournaments and moving forward, with your help, I plan on being actively involved in supporting Taekwondo in New Zealand in any way I can. 

You can be rest assured that part of the profits from your KWON NZ purchase will go back to supporting and growing Taekwondo in New Zealand.

Thank you,

Master Alan Brian
Kukkiwon 5th Degree Black Belt
TNZ National Coach
12 time NZ National Taekwondo Champion