Official Supplier for WT Oceania Champs 2022!

KWON NZ was proud to be the official supplier of uniforms for the New Zealand National Taekwondo Team to the 2022 World Taekwondo Oceania Championships.

All NZ Kyorugi athletes wore the KWON Fightlite WT uniform. The Fightlite is one of the lightest taekwondo uniforms on the market.

Fightlite WT Taekwondo Dobok - KWON NZ

All NZ Poomsae athletes wore the KWON Grand WT Poomsae uniform. This is KWON NZ's premium poomsae uniform.

Men's Grand WT Poomsae Uniform - KWON NZ

Women's Grand WT Poomsae Uniform - KWON NZ

Well done to all the athletes who competed!

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