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Daedo GEN II E-Foot Protector - WT Approved

Daedo GEN II E-Foot Protector - WT Approved

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KWON New Zealand & Australia

Daedo GEN II E-Foot Protector

Wanting to compete at a tournament? Chances are you're going to need some sensor socks. If the tournament is using the Daedo Electronic PSS scoring system, then these Daedo GEN II E-Foot Protectors are what you need.

These electronic foot protectors are fully World Taekwondo approved and can be used at any international or domestic competition where Daedo PSS is being used. 

Approved to be worn at all competitions in NZ, Australia and worldwide.

Features include:

  • Sensors In the instep, toes, heel & side of the foot
  • Cushioned EVA foam in toes, ankle and instep
  • 2x Velcro ankle straps
  • Updated GEN II model
  • Compatible with GEN II equipment
  • Backwards compatible with GEN I
  • World Taekwondo (WT) approved

Size Guide:

KWON recommends measuring both of your feet from the back of the heel to your longest toe. Use the largest measurement to find your size. The sensor socks need to fit properly to enhance scoring and prevent movement. 

  • X-Small: 230-235mm 
  • Small: 240-245mm 
  • Medium: 250-255mm  
  • Large: 260-265mm 
  • X-Large: 270-275mm 
  • XX-Large: 280-285mm
  • XXX-Large: 290-295mm

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