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Re-Breakable Boards

Re-Breakable Boards

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KWON Re-Breakable Boards

How can you practice board breaking without having to spend loads of money on wood? You've found the answer, KWON Re-Breakable Boards. 

The KWON Re-Breakable boards are made from a tough thermoplastic coated in a thin layer of soft polyurethane foam. The thin layer of cushioned foam helps to protect your body from unnecessary injuries.

The boards come in three options, each a bit thicker and more challenging. These are colour coded for easy recognition. Once broken, the boards slide back together and can be used again and again. 

Yellow Board - Easy (23kg of force, equivalent to a 9mm wooden board) 31cm x 23cm

Blue Board  - Intermediate (62kg of force, equivalent to 12mm wooden board) 31cm x 23cm

Black Board - Hard (114kg of force, equivalent to a 15mm wooden board) 34cm x 25cm

Features include:

  • Toughened thermoplastic material
  • Cushioned polyurethane foam layer
  • Reuse again and again
  • Easy slide back together action

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