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Shocklite Shin Guards - WT Approved

Shocklite Shin Guards - WT Approved

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KWON Shocklite Shin Guards WT

Are you one of those people who want the best of the best? The KWON Shocklite Shin Guards are the lightest WT Approved shin guards on the market. These are designed forthe serious competitor who wants to perform at the elite level.

Robust enough to use for everyday training, these shin guards are generally saved for competition use. Constructed of lightweight ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer foam with ventilation cut outs, these shin guards fit and feel like no other shin guards you have worn. 

Two velcro straps hold the shin guard in place and are emblazoned with the World Taekwondo Approved Logo. These have been rigorously tested and are approved for elite World Taekwondo G-Ranked competitions. 

Approved to be worn at all competitions in NZ, Australia and worldwide.

Features include:

  • Lightest Taekwondo shin guards on the market
  • Made from ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer foam
  • Ventilation cut outs
  • Two velcro straps
  • World Taekwondo Approved


Shocklite Shin Guard Size Guide:

Height/cm 130-140 140-150 150-170 170-190 190-210 210+
Product size N/A N/A S M L N/A


Please note: The Shocklite shin guards are a big fit and you may find you need a size down from what you would normally wear.

Please note: The two velcro straps need to be added manually to the shin guards. Instructions are included.

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