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Wooden Breaking Board

Wooden Breaking Board

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Wooden Breaking Board

Grading coming up? Or maybe a demonstration? If you need some boards to break, then you've found what you need!

These pine boards are ready to go. Smooth surface means no nasty splinters and they've already been fully dried out and cut to size. Made from the highest-grade wood, these boards contain no hard to break knots. 

These boards are untreated and contain no dangerous chemicals. KWON does not recommend using treated wood as these can contain high levels of boron, chrome, copper and arsenic. (Stay away from pink or green tinted wood!)

Coming in two different thicknesses, 15mm and 19mm, you have two options for children and adults. 

Features include:

  • Pine board
  • 290mm x 290mm (approx size)
  • 15mm - 8 to 14 years old
  • 19mm - 15 years+ 
  • Can double up boards for extra difficulty
  • Smooth surface
  • No chemical wood treatment

Please note: Wooden breaking boards are a one-time use.

Please note: Price is for 1 board

KWON wooden breaking boards are safe to burn after use as they contain no nasty chemicals. They will also decompose if thrown away. 

**Wooden Breaking Boards are not available in Australia. They are unable to be shipped there. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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